The Most Energy Efficient Options To Update Your Home With An Air Conditioner Replacement

Are repair and energy costs becoming too much due to an old and outdated air conditioner? Today, there are many options that can solve your inefficient AC problems, such as installing a combo evaporative cooler, using geothermal energy, ductless systems or high-velocity ducts. Each of these systems has great energy efficiency benefits, and depending on the needs of your home, you may want to choose one design or another.

Geothermal Energy Design for More Efficient Conventional AC Designs

Geothermal designs are some of the oldest solutions for energy-efficient cooling. These are ideal for providing your home with a complete energy solution to cool your home in summer and heat your home in winter. Due to the cost of installing the ground loop (buried geothermal exchange pipes), these systems are most ideal for new construction and major renovation projects.

Evaporative Cooler Hybrid Combinations for Dryer Climates During Summer Months

Evaporative coolers are a different type of cooling solution that is common in dry desert-like climates. Today, you can have a hybrid system installed that is a combination of conventional air conditioning and efficient evaporative cooling. These systems are ideal for areas with dry summer weather but are still susceptible to high humidity that causes swamp coolers to not cool effectively.

Ductless AC Systems to Add Energy-Efficient AC to Small Spaces and Home Additions

One of the most popular energy-efficient AC solutions today is a ductless AC system. These are systems that use indoor air handlers, rather than traditional HVAC ducts. Ductless systems are ideal for small spaces and updating older homes with modern AC if they have never had it. In addition, ductless systems are ideal to add cooling to extra spaces in your home, such as an enclosed patio, garage, addition or newly finished space in a basement.

Updating Older Homes with Efficient AC Using Compact, High-Velocity Duct Designs

Sometimes, older homes may have never had modern AC, which can make it difficult to install a new air conditioner. In addition to ductless systems, high-velocity ducts can be used to renovate your home with a new air conditioning installation. These systems can be installed in small spaces like wall cavities because the ducts are compact (about the size of average plumbing drain pipes). In addition, the high-velocity airflow also has energy-efficient benefits to provide energy savings when you begin to use your new AC.

Replacing Conventional AC Condensing Units with Modern Heat Pump Designs That Are More Energy-Efficient

One of the most affordable options for an energy-efficient AC replacement is to have a modern heat pump installed. These are more efficient AC units that not only provide cooling but can also work in reverse in cool weather for energy-efficient heating. The replacement can replace your existing AC unit and usually requires little work to be done to other areas like the existing HVAC ducts.

Choosing the right AC design for the needs of your home can be difficult, and you want to make sure that the solution is within your budget and meets your home's cooling needs. For help with planning your AC replacement, contact an air conditioning service and talk to them about some of these energy-efficient options.