Having Smoky Odors Come From The Air Conditioning Unit? What To Know

If you can smell a burning odor coming through the house when you are trying to run you air conditioning unit, you want to turn it off right away and get the experts to your home. There are a lot of reasons why the unit may be having complications or why there could be a burning smell.

You don't want to put your house or safety at risk. Talk with the HVAC contractors in your area to get someone to the home, and see if the issue is any of the following things that should be fixable.

Check for Exterior Blockages and Debris

There are a lot of different exterior components that can be a problem and get hot while the unit is running if they are caught in the motor. If insects decide to nest in the air conditioning unit, leaves and foliage get trapped inside, or other items get lodged, the unit will not work.

A plastic bag from a trash can or large build-up of grass clippings could unexpectedly be the problem.  If it is, the HVAC professional may be able to clean the unit, tune it up, and get it working again quickly.

Damaged Fan Belt

If there is a loose or damaged fan, and it is pulling away or starting to burn and break, this will cause odors throughout the ventilation system. The fan is pushing the odor of the burning belt, and you may be able to hear a shrieking or squealing noise outside of the unit while it runs. This should be an easy and affordable fix if this is the problem.

Electrical Complications

If you are having electrical complications, the unit may be smoking or burning. If you notice any type of smoke from the unit, call the fire department right away. If the HVAC service professional determines that the electrical components are badly damaged, it may be time to replace the unit instead of trying to fix it.

There are a lot of different issues that you could have that are causing the unit to get hot and release an odor that won't include the unit being on fire. You want to call the necessary professionals to look at the unit as soon as they can get there to make sure that you aren't at risk. If the unit is over a decade old, it may be time to install a unit that is more ecologically and economically beneficial.

For more information, contact local air conditioning maintenance services