What Should You Do If Rodents Get Into Your Ductwork?

The thought of a rodent infestation in any part of your home is highly upsetting. Rodents can get anywhere, including your home's ductwork. If this happens, you can have a significant problem. Here are some things you should know if you find yourself in this situation:

How Do You Know When There Is a Problem?

If you think your air conditioner is not working efficiently and there does not appear to be a mechanical problem, you need to check the ductwork in your attic or crawlspace. Check for any obvious signs of rodents, including chewed ductwork or insulation, droppings, and bad odors. If you discover any of this in your ductwork, you need to contact your AC repair technician to see if the ductwork can be saved or if you need to replace it.

How Do You Repair this Issue?

Once you find rodents in your ductwork, you need to react quickly so you can have a functional air conditioner with no further damage to your entire system. You first need to determine how the rodents got inside. Look for holes or other small areas they can get through. Repair holes and reinforce the areas around chimneys or other openings.

If you think there are still rodents in your ductwork, they need to be trapped. There is no use repairing ductwork only for the rodent to tear it up right afterward. If you are not comfortable doing this, call an exterminator and explain the problem.

You should next determine if the ductwork can be saved. Clean out the rodent nests and remove any chewed-up material. If the damage is not so bad, you can simply tape it with duct tape. If the damage is major, you may need an entire replacement of that section of ductwork.

How Can You Prevent This From Happening Again?

After you make the necessary repairs, you need to ensure you never have this problem again. In addition to closing any openings, you should also clean the gutters around the home. This is especially true if you have oak trees or any tree that drops a food source for animals. If rodents find that there is food in an area, they will make their home close by, including inside your home.

You also need to ensure your ductwork is inspected regularly by a licensed technician to make sure you do not have any other leaks or issues.