The AC Installation Guide To Improvements And Upgrades For More Efficient Cooling

It may be time to install a new air conditioner in your home, and you need more efficient solutions to reduce energy costs. There are many improvements and upgrades to consider for a new air conditioner installation. You may want to add zoned AC or alternatives to conventional AC systems. Here are the AC installation options and improvements that will give your home the energy efficiency it needs:

Choosing the Type of AC

Today, you have a choice of many different types of air conditioners that can be installed in your home. For conventional AC systems, there are heat pumps and geothermal HVAC solutions. For more modern AC in home renovations, ductless and compact duct systems can be ideal solutions where installing an entirely new system may be too costly for tight budgets. There are also options for evaporative cooling and hybrid systems that use more efficient solutions to keep your home cool. Talk with the AC installer about the type of system that will be best suited for the cooling needs of your home. 

Designing a Zoned AC System

With a zoned HVAC design, your home can be much more efficient. Zoned designs heat and cool individual areas of homes to maximize the efficiency of HVAC systems. When you're installing a new air conditioner, this is a great opportunity to talk with the HVAC installer about zoned air conditioning for your home. The system will use less energy and make your home more comfortable.

Upgrading Ductwork to Reduce Energy Loss

Ducts can be another source of HVAC energy loss. Therefore, they are also one of the areas where you will want to make plans for upgrades during your air conditioning installation. Consider using ducts with improved insulation and a more durable design to prevent damage and air leaks. A simple investment in ductwork upgrades can help make your home cooling system much more efficient.

Efficient HVAC Blower and Air Handler Components

There are also components of your HVAC system that can be updated to make the air conditioning more efficient. The blower uses an electric motor, and this can use a lot of energy. Therefore, you will want to consider replacing it with more efficient equipment. Many of the old components can be replaced when you install a new air conditioner to improve the efficiency of your HVAC.

With the right system and upgrades, the cooling for your home can be much more energy -efficient. Talk with an AC installation service like Bowen Refrigeration about these solutions to improve your home cooling and save more energy next summer.