4 Common Reasons Why The Condenser Of Your Air Conditioning Unit Has Stopped Working

The condenser is a crucial component that without it, your AC unit will not produce the cold air needed to keep your house cool in the summer. Typically, the component functions by transferring heat from the refrigerant to the outdoors. 

Once the evaporated refrigerant reaches the condenser unit, it starts cooling down and reaches saturation, releasing all the heat, and then the coolant turns back into liquid. After this, the refrigerant gets transported back into the AC housing, and the cycle repeats itself. Below are the possible reasons your AC's condenser has ceased working as it should. 

The Suction Lines Could Be Damaged

Problems in the condenser can arise when the refrigerant lines develop leaks. Holes, cracks, or blockages interfere with the flow of the coolant. Consequently, the system has to work harder to keep the temperatures optimal. 

If you notice that your system is running longer than it used to or that your energy expenses are escalating, it is vital to assess the suction lines in the condenser unit. Your HVAC contractor will examine the lines and repair or replace them if necessary. 

There Is Debris in the Coils

Another source of trouble in the condenser is the presence of dirt and debris in the coils. This happens because of the position of the condenser unit. If your AC unit is too close to the ground, the coils could get covered with dirt, leaves, and other debris. 

When this happens, they lose their ability to release heat to the environment, which slows down the cooling function. Trapped heat can, in turn, overwork the condenser, leading to failure or damage. You can quickly fix this issue by cleaning the coils and clearing the ground around the unit. Clean coils enhance the overall system efficiency. 

There Are Problems in the Electrical Connections

The AC system runs on electricity. So if there is a fault in the power connection, the system will not run as it should. Furthermore, if the electrical issues are persistent, they can cause an acid buildup within the system, damaging the wiring and leading to burnouts. As such, it is paramount to check the power connection if you notice frequent system shutdowns. 

There Are Contaminants in the Compressor

The compressor could have contaminants that affect its function. In that case, your HVAC technician will identify the contaminants and suggest the best solution.

Contact an HVAC technician for air conditioning repairs whenever you suspect a problem in the condenser. Waiting too long can worsen an otherwise minor problem and prompt a costly replacement.