Questions You May Have The First Time You Need Furnace Repairs

There is a first time for everything -- including having to call for furnace repairs. The first time your furnace breaks down and you need to call an HVAC contractor, you may feel a little overwhelmed and unfamiliar with a process. Having your core questions answered can make the whole experience more comfortable. So, take a look at the questions about furnace repair that are presented below.

Do you have to find a company that works on your brand?

It is a good idea to look for an HVAC repair company that regularly installs and works with the brand of furnace that you have. This will ensure that the repair person is familiar with your furnace and its intricacies, which makes it easier for them to make the repairs properly. However, many HVAC contractors can and do repair any brand of furnace, even if they only install certain brands. So if you're struggling to find a company that specifically works on your brand, you can typically call up any other furnace repair company and get a "yes."

Should you troubleshoot before you call for repairs?

While you should not attempt to repair a furnace on your own, there are some troubleshooting tasks that you can try before you resort to calling for repairs. Make sure there are batteries in your thermostat — if you have a battery-operated thermostat. Try changing your air filter in case a clogged air filter is what's causing the issue. You may also want to try turning your furnace on and off. Occasionally, that will get a more modern furnace working again if it threw an error. If none of these steps fix the problem, then call the repair company.

Are there ways to save on repairs?

Yes, there are a few ways to save on furnace repairs. If the first company that looks at your furnace gives you a quote that seems high, consider getting a second quote. You might just be looking at an expensive repair, but it's also possible that the second company will offer a better deal. Second, ask if your furnace repair person can use recycled or generic parts. They are usually cheaper than brand-name parts, and they work almost as well in most cases.

With these questions answered, you should be better prepared to have your furnace repaired for the first time. Before long, you'll be in a warm, cozy home again.