Common Issues To Address With Chimney Repair Technicians

For many homeowners, buying a home with a fireplace is their first introduction to dealing with a chimney, including the process of sweeping and maintaining it. If you're new to dealing with a chimney, you might find yourself baffled the first time you notice a leak in your home that seems to be coming from that chimney. What are you supposed to do if your chimney is leaking?

Here's a look at some common chimney repairs that can address the issues you're having.

Chimney Cap Issues

The chimney cap plays an important role in protecting your chimney from rain and weather as well as rodents, birds, and other pests. Unfortunately, the chimney structure is such that the chimney cap is exposed to the elements and vulnerable to damage. If the chimney cap is damaged or missing, it allows rain to pass through the chimney and into your home. You'll need a chimney repair technician to address the problem.

Cracks in the Chimney Crown

The chimney crown sits just below the cap. It's typically made of cement and keeps water away from the chimney liner and flue. Since it's made of cement, it's vulnerable to weathering, age, and deterioration. Cracks and crumbling material can lead to leaks and other similar problems. You need to have a chimney repair technician address the problem. This usually means removing the existing crown and replacing it with a new one.

Crumbling Bricks

The structure of the chimney is important, but it is vulnerable to weather and heat damage. The mortar holding the bricks together can crumble, causing the bricks to fall. Over time, the bricks and the mortar can dry out as well. This threatens the structural integrity of the chimney. Your routine chimney inspections will include identifying this type of deterioration and repairing the structure.

Flashing Issues

Around the section of the roof where the chimney protrudes, flashing is installed to protect your home from leaks, wind, and pests. If the flashing is corroded, loose, bent, or otherwise damaged, it can create leak issues. The flashing is an important element to inspect and maintain as well.

If you see any of these issues or have any reason to question the integrity of your home's chimney, reach out to a local chimney repair technician today. They can inspect the entire structure and address any vulnerable areas to keep your home safe from leaks and other damage.