Heating Solutions To Do Over The Summer For Lower Heating Costs Next Winter

When you turn your heating off for the year, you probably forget about it until autumn is here. Instead of waiting for maintenance and repairs, consider doing upgrade and improvements during the summer months, when you do not need your heating. Here some of the heating improvements that are best to do during the summer months:

1. Install Solar Energy Solutions with A Water Heater for Mechanical Systems

Solar energy is a great solution to reduce energy costs in your home. One of the most affordable ways to add renewable energy to your home is by having a solar water heater installed. The solar collector can be connected to your HVAC system to provide thermal energy to heat your home. In addition, solar water heaters will provide you with hot water all summer long and reduce energy consumption for conventional water heaters during the winter months. Some of the newest systems also perform well in cold weather or when there is a limited amount of sunlight available.

2. Integrate Geothermal Energy into The Design of Your Heating Systems

Geothermal energy is another improvement that will help reduce your energy consumption. Since there is a lot of work involved for excavation to install geothermal loops, summer is a good time to do this type of project. Geothermal energy will be provided to your heating system to reduce the use of conventional energy like gas or electricity. Another benefit of geothermal systems is that they can also be used to improve the energy efficiency of your home's cooling system. Your geothermal system will work much like your conventional HVAC, but with the addition of geothermal heat exchange to reduce energy consumption.

3. Converting Boilers or Furnaces to Use Alternative Energy Resources

Boilers and furnaces with conventional designs use gas or electricity to heat your home. Today, there are more options for energy alternatives for heating systems. Biomass is a solution that uses organic fuels to provide energy to heat your home. Other alternative energy solutions include solar energy and passive home designs that provide your home with natural heating. The summer months are a great time to start with some of these alternative energy solutions to heat your home.

These are some of the heating upgrades that you will want to consider for your home during the summer heat. Doing these projects now will ensure that you do not have to go without heating when you need it most. Contact an HVAC contractor, like Flower Branch AC repair services, to help with your heating maintenance and upgrades.