What Types Of Maintenance Your HVAC Unit Needs At The End Of Summer

Summer is coming to an end. This means that pretty soon, you won't need to run your air conditioning. Your HVAC unit worked hard to keep you cool this summer. In return, it may need some work done to it to help keep it functional and maintained. Here are a few of the different types of maintenance needs you will need when summer draws to a close. 

Change the Air Filter in the Unit

Following months of use, the filters in your HVAC unit may be dirty and filled with debris. Having them changed is important for two reasons. First, it helps to ensure that the debris is not sitting in your unit, falling onto other parts in the unit. Secondly, before you know it, it will be cold and your HVAC unit will have to heat your home. Having clean filters helps to ensure your HVAC unit can heat efficiently. 

Remove Debris Around the Unit and from the Fins

During the summer months, your plants, trees, bushes, and other vegetation thrive thanks to the sunlight and warmth. But, if these items grow too close to your HVAC unit, they can restrict the amount of airflow that the unit gets. Before it gets too cold, take the time to trim back this debris from around your unit. After you have done so, clean the fins on your unit by simply wiping them down. This helps to reduce the amount of pollen, grass, or other debris that makes its way into your unit. 

Clean the Coils

Your coils play a key part in cooling the air that is pulled into the HVAC unit. But, during the summer, they also get dirty. They are exposed to pollen and residue from outside air. Having the coils cleaned helps to remove all of the residue, so it doesn't sit on the coils for months and cause damage to them. 

Inspect the HVAC Unit

Lastly, after the summer, take the time to thoroughly inspect your HVAC unit. Repeated use in summer can cause parts to wear out. Look for signs of fraying wires, worn gears, or cracked belts. If any of these problems are noted, they should be repaired as quickly as possible. 

Regular maintenance for your HVAC unit can be tricky. Many of the parts are housed deep within the unit and require you to work carefully around other parts or remove them to access certain parts. As such, you should always hire HVAC contractors to do all of your maintenance work. Contact your preferred HVAC contractor to schedule your end of season appointment for HVAC maintenance today.