Room Heaters – Will They Work For You?

It's never too soon to begin thinking about how you're going to heat your home this year. It's not always easy to keep every area of the home comfortable while Father Winter rips into town. Here, you'll find some information that can help you with the selection and installation of the heater that'll keep you warm this year.

How much space are you trying to heat?

Before you can make any decision about the type of heater that will suit your needs the best, you'll need to decide how large of an area you're trying to heat. If you're looking to heat just a single room, a single level, or a whole house, the equipment that will be most efficient will vary. 

You will need to calculate the room size to determine how many BTUs are needed to heat the space. You'll measure your space, do a little math, and end up with the square footage that you'll be heating. Once you have that number, you'll be able to determine the best option.

Are room heaters a good option?

Room heaters can be a good option if you're just trying to heat a small space. These are not the ideal solution to heating a whole house in most cases, but they are a great option for heating spaces that aren't quite as warm as others.

Another reason to use room heaters is that you can reduce the overall temperature of the household while you're in your bed at night. If you don't like the temperatures too cool while you sleep, the room heater can be used to keep only that one space the temperature that you like, rather than the entire house.

The room heaters designed today are much more efficient than in years past, and you'll have a lot more options.

How do you install heaters?

Many room heaters don't require much more than being plugged in to work, but you'll have to be careful about where you place them. If the unit is free-standing, it can be moved from place to place with ease, but not all room heaters are portable.

When installing a heater there are a few things to never do –

  • Never install it below a window
  • Never install it anywhere near upholstered furniture
  • Never use extension cords
  • Never skip reading the manufacturer's instructions and warnings

Talk with your local HVAC technician for further assistance with your new heater installation.