Yearly HVAC Maintenance

As HVAC experts will tell you, good heating and air conditioning maintenance is all about these preventative tuneups. Pretty much any central HVAC system has room for improvement as far as if efficiency goes. That is, you can usually make some sort of investment that will make your system more efficient and less expensive to run. Of course, on the expensive end of the scale you can replace your furnace with a modern, eco-friendly unit. But, many people don't have several thousand dollars to spend on a new furnace. In fact, even if you just have a couple hundred dollars, it is very likely that you can't afford some cheap but worthwhile improvements to your system. This article focuses on the most affordable way to save money on your residential heating system in the long run.

Hire a Pro

While there are some helpful DIY jobs that you can perform, the smartest way to keep up your system is to have is serviced yearly by a licensed contractor. The actual cost of a simple HVAC technician tuneup is going to vary. Most of visits will cost less than $100. But, if any additional work needs to be done, there will obviously be extra fees for supplies and labor. But, the whole point of having your system regularly tuned up is to prevent the need for extra repairs that are even more expensive. In most cases, regular HVAC tunes are really a matter of preventing the big problems.

Unless you haven't had your system serviced in a long time, it is rare that a technician will notice a serious problem that needs to be repaired. When your system is being repaired every single year, you are basically just doing your best to sustain and maintain it. That is, you're making sure that it remains as efficient as it was the day it was installed. Otherwise, if your system isn't maintain yearly, you have to expect that it is going to become less productive and you will see increased utility bills.

HVAC technicians also use special tools to measure the force of air coming out of the registers, the electrical input/output, the temperature of your air, the accuracy of your thermostat, and so much more. They should be be able to figure out the problems areas and give you options for repairs and replacement.

You need to lean on the pros if you are going to keep your AC and heat pumping at 100%.