Commercial HVAC Services That Keep Your System Operating Optimally

From the design and installation of your heating and cooling system to preventative maintenance, your building will need a variety of commercial HVAC services. When your customers depend on you for indoor comfort, a well-maintained HVAC unit is essential. Here are some of the services needed to keep your heating and cooling system operating in optimal condition.

Periodic Cleaning

Establish a maintenance contract with a commercial HVAC company for the frequency of preventative maintenance service calls that includes cleaning. A clean HVAC unit is important because a dusty one will eventually develop problems. At the very least, a dirty HVAC won't operate efficiently. Clean coils and blower parts allow the HVAC to cool air efficiently and circulate it through your building. When dust builds up, you'll have a hard time maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the building and the HVAC may shut down to protect itself.

Duct Inspections And Repairs

Intact ducts are another essential part of a heating and cooling system. If a joint on a duct comes loose, air will leak out before it reaches a register. This causes uneven heating and cooling, which could leave your office staff too hot or too cold while others in the building are comfortable. Ducts may also need to be cleaned occasionally to remove dust that might affect air quality.

Emergency Repairs

When you serve the public, HVAC troubles take on urgency since your customers get uncomfortable fast when the heat or AC goes out. Your commercial HVAC professional knows this and tries to make quick repairs for commercial establishments including emergency repairs and repairs after hours. By having your HVAC serviced on a maintenance schedule, you can probably avoid an emergency breakdown, but since the unit can be damaged by lightning or some other unforeseen reason, trouble with your HVAC is always a possibility. You should call for help at the first sign of low performance so repairs can be done before a complete breakdown occurs.

Preventative Maintenance

In addition to cleaning the HVAC regularly, the parts need to be serviced. Preventative maintenance is the key to optimal performance, energy savings, and a long life. Your technician can follow a checklist of established maintenance tasks and provide you with records for your building maintenance logs so your HVAC system is always well-maintained and your documentation current.

Maintaining a commercial HVAC system is a big responsibility since the comfort of many people relies on you. A commercial HVAC is often on the roof or other inaccessible place, so it isn't easy to monitor or close enough to hear when it starts making unusual noises. Prevention is always important for any type of heating and cooling system, but it's vital for a commercial HVAC. The best way to keep up with preventative maintenance is to let professionals handle it so you never forget when it's time to have the unit cleaned and serviced.