Hard-To-Ignore Signs That You Need A New Water Heater

Sometimes homeowners overlook appliances until they experience a breakdown. This often happens to appliances that are less visible due to their location. The water heater in your home is an example of an appliance that is likely to be located in a basement or utility closet. Since you probably do not access these areas often, you may not give your water heater much thought unless it gives you an issue that signals the need for a possible repair.

It is not uncommon for a replacement to be a better choice than a repair. The following points will help you to identify situations that would make a new water heater installation more sensible than attempting to repair the issue. 

Changes in Water Quality

You may notice that the quality of your hot water changes if your water heater is failing. Visual cues such as changes in the color of your hot water may occur. The hot water may also come through plumbing fixtures and have an offensive odor.

Some people do not drink hot water from the tap. However, if you do and notice that the water tastes peculiar, you may have a serious issue occurring inside of the water tank. 

Heating Issues

The water temperature in your water tank should remain consistent unless you manually alter the temperature. An exception to fluctuations would be if the water heater is located in an area of your home that exposes it to outside temperatures or air drafts.

If you notice that your water heater is not heating evenly or keeping a consistent temperature, the unit might be on the verge of failing. This would require you to get a new water heater installed. It is best to get the water heater inspected and to replace or repair it based on the professional advice you receive after the inspection.

Age of Unit

Your water heater has a lifespan. It is possible for the unit to outlast the estimated lifespan. However, you need to remember that as the unit ages, it will show signs of decline. Its heating capacity may change. Older units may also start to corrode. Visible rust is a clear indicator that a new water heater is needed. 

The decision to install a new water heater requires some consideration. Water heaters can last for many years with proper maintenance. This is why you should view your new purchase as an investment. Ensure that you explore your options thoroughly, and include a professional in your plans. They can help you choose a water heater that is correctly sized, energy efficient, and powered by your preferred power source. Contact a company like Best Care Home Services to learn more about water heater installation services.