Three Reasons Your Outside Air Conditioning Unit Will Not Power On

When the outside system of an air conditioning unit will not power on, it is a serious problem. However, while it is easy to tell that a repair is necessary, determining precisely what type of repair is warranted is not as easy. Learn about some of the issues that could lead to this sort of problem so that you can better assess what type of repairs are necessary.

Storm-Related Power Damage

Whenever an outside unit fails to power on shortly after a damaging storm that caused a loss of power, oftentimes, the storm is the cause of the problem. 

When large amounts of electricity surge through the unit's electrical connections during a storm, it can completely fry the inside of the system. As a result, the surge can cause its electrical components to fail. Unfortunately, with this type of damage, generally, the only way to repair the issue is to replace whatever electrical components were destroyed as a result of the power surge. 

Failed Compressor

The cool and comfortable air you enjoy in your home is facilitated largely by the function of the compressor. Think of the compressor as the driving force behind an AC unit. So, when the compressor fails, the unit will not function correctly. 

Particularly with an older model, if the compressor fails, the outside unit will not power on. Compressor repair can be a tricky issue, as sometimes, the wiser option is to simply replace the unit if it is very old. However, have a technician come out and inspect your unit to determine the best course of action. 

Frozen Coils

The condenser coils inside the unit also play an important role in the operation of an air conditioning system. When hot and humid air flows through the unit, it eventually makes its way over the evaporator coils. The job of the coils is to remove the heat and humidity from the air so that it can be cooled. Sometimes, the coils can freeze.

When the coils freeze, it forces the unit to work harder to cool the air. The result of this extra effort is overheating. When the system overheats, the outside unit will not power on to protect the system. The best way to avoid this problem is to have a technician come out to determine why the coils are freezing so that the issue can be repaired.

If your outside unit will not power on, be sure to contact an AC repair professional for an assessment of your system.