Why Most Homeowners Replace Their Regular AC System With A Mini-Split Unit

The most popular option when it comes to air conditioning is ducted systems. They consist of a central unit that carries the cool air around the house on a series of ducts. However, they are also challenging to maintain, and often need a lot of money to repair when a part of the system gets damaged. As a homeowner, it's good to know that the reliability and efficiency of the air conditioner depend on the model you choose. 

To avoid problems, most homeowners replace their regular air conditioner with ductless AC units, such as mini-split systems. They do so because the ductless units can be used in different parts of the home, regardless of the size of the house. Most people get professionals in air conditioning replacement to install the mini-split systems for the following reasons.

They Cool Various Zones In the House

The central air conditioner's design makes it possible to distribute cool air throughout the house. However, it does not create any specific areas which are cooler or warmer than the others. It means that the temperature you set on the thermostat is what the entire home will get. 

On the other hand, the split mini system can create various zones inside the house. Every room in the house will have a separate air handler and a thermostat. The settings make it easy to set the temperature you would like in each specific part of the home. You can also turn off the cooling effect for the rooms that you are not using, and this helps save energy.

The Installation Is Versatile

Installation is another aspect you have to worry about when investing in an air conditioning system. The traditional central system is complex because for it to work, you have to design and install a network of ducts that run throughout the house. 

However, when you switch to the split systems, you can adapt every unit to the design and the needs of each specific room where you intend to install the unit. The arrangement makes installation simple and also cost-effective. The systems are also low-profile, and they will not be a distraction to the interior design of your home.

You Avoid Energy Loss

A common challenge with regular AC systems is the loss of heat through leaks in the air ducts. If you have certain parts of the systems that are leaking, cool air will keep escaping through them, and this ruins the entire system's efficiency. However, the challenge doesn't occur when you install the split system because it consists of minimal ductwork. It minimizes the possibility that your system will lose heat, which is good for your power bill.

Ensure you get the mini-split system from a trusted supplier and have an experienced air conditioning replacement technician install it for you. This way, you will zone all parts of your home appropriately and reduce energy wastage.