3 Decisions To Make When You Need A New Air Conditioner Installed

A central air conditioner provides a lot of cooling comfort over the years, but it may eventually give out and need to be replaced. Getting a new air conditioner is a big step since the process can be confusing with all the different options you have. Here are three things to think about when it's time for air conditioning installation.

1. Do You Want The Same Type?

If you have a central air conditioner now, you may want another one so you can use the air handler and ducts that are already in place. However, you could always change to a different type of AC system, especially if you'll be getting a new furnace at the same time. A possible option is a mini-split ductless system. This system combines the AC and furnace and eliminates the need for ducts. An HVAC contractor can go over all the different options and help you decide if central AC is still right for your home.

2. Where Will You Put The AC?

The evaporator coils for your air conditioner go on the air handler inside. If you're adding an AC to an existing furnace, then the new coils will mount on equipment you already have. If you're also getting a new furnace, then the HVAC contractor helps you choose compatible equipment so the air handler has both furnace parts and AC parts.

The rest of the air conditioning installation will be done outdoors when the condenser is set up. First, the old AC is broken down and the parts and refrigerant are separated for recycling. Then the new condenser can be put in the same place or a different place. You might prefer placing the condenser in a shady area so it doesn't become excessively hot during the summer when the sun shines on it all day.

3. What Size To Install?

You'll definitely want the help of an HVAC contractor when deciding on the size for your new AC. An AC that's too large will have all kinds of problems that could lead to the need for frequent repairs or uneven cooling. An AC that isn't large enough will not properly cool down your home.

The contractor will size your AC according to different variables in your home rather than rely on square footage alone. Proper size calculation is important so your air conditioner can operate efficiently and keep you comfortable when you need to stay cool on sweltering days.

You'll probably have many things to discuss with your contractor about the air conditioning installation process, especially if you've never had to install an AC before. Taking your time to get the equipment and installation right is worth the effort since your new AC could last for several years.