Good HVAC Systems For Different Climates

The type of HVAC system you choose to have installed in your home may depend on where you live. Different types of systems can do great in different climates. As such, you should consider the climate and how different types of systems will do in it before you make your choice. This article will provide you with information on some good heating and/or cooling systems to use depending on where you live. 

Southwest region

If you live in the southwest, then you may find that a central HVAC system will work great for your home. The southwest climate can cause you to need wintertime heating, summer cooling, and dehumidifying on humid days. It's important to point out that homes across the country make use of central heating and cooling. However, the majority of homes in the southwest tend to rely more on electricity-fueled systems, which is one of the reasons why so many use central heating and cooling. Also, many in this region tend to have very busy daily schedules, and central systems are often left on all the time, so they can kick on to make the home the desired temperature for the homeowners when they return. This type of system also integrates well into smart home technology. 

Midwest region

One of the more common types of systems used in homes located in the Midwest region is the AC and furnace split system. This system has a central AC that cools the home evenly and efficiently. However, it also features a furnace that utilizes either electric, oil, propane, or natural gas to heat the home. While this type of system gives the homeowner the benefits of a central system, it also offers them the advantage of using the heating fuel that will work out the best for them. Since the Midwest areas can get so much colder than the southwest, using heating that isn't fueled by electricity can help save the homeowner a good amount of money during the winter. 

Southeast region

With the cost of gas often being more than electricity in much of the southeastern states, it makes sense to opt for a system like a heat pump. Heat pumps are so popular in the southeast because they heat and cool the home using electricity, and they can keep it evenly comfortable. A heat pump extracts the heat from outside, heats it up more, then puts that warm air inside. To cool, the heat pump will use evaporator and condenser coils that are connected between the inside and outside units. Refrigerant will go through them to cool air before it gets blown into the home. 

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