3 Problems An HVAC Contractor Might Find When Your Furnace Won’t Warm Your House Well Enough

If your house is too chilly even though your furnace is running, you should check your thermostat and filter right away. A simple thing like changing the furnace filter could solve your problem. Also, make sure the thermostat is set on auto rather than the ON setting so your furnace doesn't run between heating cycles and blow out lukewarm air. If the filter and thermostat aren't the cause of your furnace malfunction, call in an HVAC contractor. Here are some issues they may find.

1. The Flame Sensor Is Bad

The flame sensor in a gas furnace detects the presence of a flame in the combustion area. If a flame isn't detected, the furnace may start and shut down right away so it doesn't run long enough to warm up your house. The furnace might shut down and not start up at all as a safety precaution.

Sometimes, the sensor gets dirty, and if the HVAC contractor cleans it, the problem might be fixed. However, if the sensor is bad or damaged, it has to be replaced so your furnace operates properly and keeps you warm.

2. A Heating Element Is Bad

If you have an electric furnace and your house is too cold, the problem might be a bad heating element. Your furnace has more than one heating element, so your furnace may run and put out heat, but the heat may not be warm enough. An HVAC technician can test the heating elements to pinpoint the bad one and then replace it so your electric furnace functions normally.

3. Hot Air Isn't Circulating Properly

If there's a problem with the blower in your furnace or the ducts, the hot air generated by the furnace may not get distributed properly in your home. This could leave your house too chilly. The blower might be gummed up with dust so it can't spin properly. There could even be a problem with the blower that keeps it from working at all.

The HVAC contractor may need to take the blower out and clean it or replace parts that are worn out so the blower spins like it should to send warm air through the ducts. However, if there is a leak in the ducts, the warm air may not make it to the inside of your house. The HVAC contractor can check and test the ducts to make sure they aren't leaking, but if they are, the contractor can seal up the leak. Proper air circulation is essential for a furnace, and that's why it's so important to keep the furnace filter changed on schedule.

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