4 Ways A Professional Can Fix An Air Conditioners That Won’t Turn Off

Your AC should run periodically and go off to maintain the ideal temperatures and comfort. If your AC doesn't turn off, the temperatures might go way below the comfortable range. Besides, your AC might wear out quickly because of running consistently without rest. Therefore, you need to work with a reliable technician to diagnose and fix this AC problem. The following are ways the repair contractor can fix an AC that won't go off.

1. Reset, Repair, or Replacing the Thermostat

The AC might not turn off because the thermostat is faulty or is not set correctly. Suppose you set the system to run at a lower temperature than usual. In that case, it will keep running to achieve the set temperature, even though you anticipated the unit to turn off sooner. The repair contractor will help you recalibrate or reset the device to restore normal functioning. A faulty thermostat might not detect the actual room's temperature, causing the system to run for too long and consume more energy. Your technician will repair the thermostat or recommend a replacement.

2. Changing a Defective or Stuck Contactor

The contactor in an air conditioning unit works like a switch. It connects the fan and motor to electricity. The contactor interrupts electricity flow after receiving signals from the thermostat that the ideal set temperature has been attained. Unfortunately, the contactor, like many other components, can become faulty. When the component is faulty, the system might not shut off automatically or continue running for hours. Power surges can cause it to get stuck or damaged. Your technician may recommend replacing the contactor to avoid safety hazards and restore the system's functions.

3. Correct Placement of the System

It is important to hire a competent contractor when installing air conditioners. DIY installations might lead to terrible mistakes, which could affect the performance, durability, and reliability of your AC. For instance, placing the thermostat or indoor air conditioner directly under the sun's heat or near a hot appliance might make the system continue cooling your house without going off. The technician will fix the system appropriately and install the thermostat in the right place where it can correctly read the room's temperature and run accordingly.

4. Replacing Air Filters

Air filters become clogged with pollutants and debris, slowly restricting the free flow of air. As a result, the AC will take longer to reach your home's desired temperature. Your Ac contractor will clean or replace the air filters to ensure free air flow and limit the time taken to cool your house.

Your air conditioner might not turn off due to any of these reasons. However, you should hire a professional to determine the exact cause of the problem. If your AC has this problem, set an appointment with an appliance repair contractor for timely intervention.