Signs The Air Conditioner’s Capacitor Is Faulty

The AC has a motor that initiates the fan's movement after you turn it on. That said, note that the motor can only function when the capacitor is in good condition. This is because the capacitor's role is to charge and ignite the motor to begin cooling the home. As such, the unit will blow conditioned air into the living space, improving your comfort during the warm season. However, the air conditioner will malfunction when the capacitor has an issue. But how can you determine if it's time to get a new one? Below are signs of a faulty capacitor.

The AC Won't Turn On

One primary indicator of a damaged capacitor is an issue when you switch on the system. In such a case, the appliance will take longer to fire up or fail to kick start. Hence, check the capacitor's condition as you troubleshoot an AC unit that won't turn on. If you cannot assess the unit independently, get a technician. But before contacting the technician, check on the voltage to provide more accurate information. Upon arrival, they'll assess the problem and recommend an ideal solution. If the capacitor is damaged, a replacement is an ideal solution.

There Is No Conditioned Air

Whenever a capacitor is damaged, it will be difficult for the unit to produce cool air. This is because there will be no electricity jolt to trigger the AC engine to run successfully. Sometimes turning the system off and on may help, but if this does not resolve the problem, it'll mean the capacitor has already malfunctioned. The issue can occur due to old age, short circuits, and damage caused by elements. A reliable technician will examine the device and determine if the unit requires a new capacitor, depending on the situation.

There's a Burning Odor

Noticing a burning scent when an AC is running can be devastating. You'll likely switch off all the appliances, thinking you have a wiring issue that may cause a fire. That said, the issue may occur if an object is blocking the capacitor, it's worn out, or the unit is overexerted. As such, once the motor starts overheating, you'll perceive the burning smell. If this is the case, you should treat it as an emergency, as this can damage the capacitor, bearings, and other components.

Although AC capacitors can last a long time with proper maintenance, it doesn't mean you won't have to replace them when faulty. The good news is an AC repair service technician can help you with repairs in case the gadget is damaged. And if a replacement is required, get one that suits your unit to ensure unit efficiency.

Call an AC repair service for more info.