Commercial Furnace Installation 101: FAQs From Curious Retail Business Owners

When you own a retail business, keeping your customers comfortable while they shop can mean they stay longer and spend more money. Therefore, having the best possible HVAC system in place is ever-important. One element of commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning that simply cannot be overlooked is heating. 

Having a well-functioning furnace keeps your customers warm. Therefore, if you have an ailing furnace, it is important to reach out to a commercial furnace contractor as soon as possible. Take a look at a few questions retail business owners usually have about commercial furnace installation.

What are the most efficient types of commercial furnaces? 

There are just as many types of furnaces used in commercial applications as there are for standard homes. However, commercial furnaces must be large enough to handle heating a large retail space and they must do so efficiently. Therefore, it is a good idea to look at high-efficiency furnace options that will keep your store warm without pulling a large amount of energy. A few top options for commercial furnaces include: 

  • Commercial boiler units 
  • Commercial heat pumps 
  • Commercial forced-air heat systems 

How do you find the best commercial furnace contractor?

Commercial furnace contractors usually specialize in providing services to clients that have bigger HVAC needs than the standard residential customer. And, good contractors are not difficult to find. Reach out to a few neighboring business owners and ask who they have worked with, and check for customer reviews online. Also, don't be afraid to reach out to multiple contractors to see who can offer the best price and timeline for their services. 

Will the store have to be shut down for the installation?

Typically, no. The installation project can occur even when the store is open. In most commercial locations, the heating system components are located on the roof. Therefore, the commercial furnace contractor will only need roof access during the installation process. However, if you are having a furnace installed in the winter, there may be a brief period that your store will be without heat as the new system is installed. Therefore, the contractor may recommend the furnace be installed after your usual business hours. 

How long with commercial furnace installation take?

The duration of the installation project can vary depending on: 

  • What type of system you are installing 
  • The size of the furnace to be installed 
  • The commercial furnace contractor you choose

It is always a good idea to discuss the duration of the planned project with the contractor in advance so you know what to expect and can plan accordingly. 

For more information about commercial furnace installation, contact a local company.