Want A New Air Conditioning System? 2 Types To Choose From

If your air conditioning system is getting older, now is a good time to purchase and install a new one. When it comes to air conditioning systems, there are different types you can choose from. Keep reading to learn about two types so you can hire a professional to install your new AC system for your home. 


One option you have is to install a new HVAC system. This will provide you with cool air, as well as heat your home in the winter. You will also hear these referred to as central air conditioners. Along with an HVAC system, new ductwork is installed in your crawl space. This ductwork is connected to vents inside your home. When the HVAC unit is running, the air is pushed through the ducts and then into your home through the vents. 

Along with the HVAC unit, a thermostat is installed inside your home. There are traditional thermostats but also smart thermostats. Smart thermostats are beneficial as you can preset the thermostat to turn the AC system on and off at certain times. This can save you a lot of money. You may not want the unit to run during the day when no one is home. You could then set the unit to turn on an hour or so before you get home so your home will be cool for you when you arrive.  These units can cool your entire home and are generally quiet when they are running. 

Window Air Conditioner System

If you do not want to pay for an expensive HVAC unit, you can install a window air conditioning system. These do not cost as much but are smaller as they fit into a window instead of outside. This type of AC system releases heat and condensation outside and uses a fan to push the cool air into your home. 

You can find window air conditioners in a variety of sizes. There are smart window air conditioners that you can control with a remote control or another wireless device. This type works well if you have a small home or a condo. If you have a larger home, you will need to install more than one window air conditioner to cool your entire home.  This can get expensive, as the more air conditioners you install, the more electricity is used. 

Talk with a contractor that sells air conditioning systems to learn about other types you can choose from.