Signs Of Air Conditioning Problems To Have Checked Out

When your air conditioner is running correctly, it will evenly and efficiently cool your home. It will do this quietly and without issue. If there's something wrong with the system, then the issue can affect how well it performs, how it sounds, how much it costs to run, and more. The sooner you detect there's a problem, the earlier you can have it fixed. This article will provide you with some signs an air conditioner may need repairs, so you can have them done quickly. 

The AC isn't cooling as well as it should 

You'll set your thermostat to the temperature you want the home to remain at. As the home warms, the air conditioner will come on, cool the home to the desired temperature, and shut back off. However, some problems with the air conditioner will prevent it from being able to achieve the desired level of coolness. For example, a refrigerant leak may cause the system to blow out warmer air, which won't be able to cool the home. 

There's a weak or reduced airflow

When the air conditioner comes on, there should be a strong and consistent flow of cooled air that comes out of the vents. However, there are some issues that can cause that flow to be reduced. When it's reduced, the system has to work harder, which means more wear is put on it. Some things that can cause reduced airflow include a clogged filter, blocked air ducts, or a malfunctioning blower motor. 

The air conditioner is making strange sounds

Your air conditioner shouldn't make different sounds when everything's going well. However, a lot of issues can cause strange sounds to start. Some sounds that a malfunctioning or damaged system can make include squealing, grinding, banging, or rattling, to name a few. Examples of things that can cause the noises include loose components, broken parts, worn belts, and more. 

An air conditioner can have foul odors with certain issues 

Sometimes, there can be a problem with the air conditioner that causes certain smells. For one thing, a musty smell coming from the vents can indicate the presence of mold. Another smell can be a burning smell, which can indicate wiring issues. If you smell something melting or burning, you need to turn the unit off right away and leave it off until the system is fixed. 


If you notice any of the things detailed above going on, then you should call a technician to come out and fix the issues. This way, your AC works like it's supposed to.

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