Why Is Your Air Conditioning System Leaking?

You should watch out for problems with your air conditioning system. Unusual events, such as leaks, can be a sign that your system has a fault. If you catch these problems early, then they are often easier and cheaper to repair. If you ignore them, they can get worse and cause more serious damage.

What causes leaks in AC systems?

Faulty Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils in air conditioning units remove heat from air as your system cools it. They use the system's refrigerant to do this job.

If your coils aren't working correctly, then they can release water. This isn't a leak. The water you see around your unit is melted ice.

If the coils get too cold, then they freeze. When this ice melts, it drips into a holding drain pan under the coils. The water in this pan usually evaporates away. However, melted water from frozen coils often produces more water than the tray can hold. So, excess water drips onto the floor.

Coils develop problems if they don't have a sufficient supply of refrigerant. Airflow blockages in other parts also affect their operating temperature and make them freeze.

Broken Drain Pans

The drain pan below your coils handles any excess water they produce. Water drips into the tray and then evaporates.

This only works if your pan is in good shape. If it has a crack or hole in it, then it will drip water onto the floor. Some older pans are made from metal. If they rust, then they can also spring a leak.

Problems in a Condensate Part

Your air conditioning has a series of condensate draining parts. These parts carry excess condensation out of your system and out of your home. If any of these parts develop a problem, then condensation can't pass through the system effectively.

For example, if your condensate drain line or hose gets blocked with dust or dirt, then condensation backs up. It has nowhere to go but back into your system. It can then turn into moisture, which starts to leak out of your units.

Condensate pumps can also cause leaks. These pumps power your condensate system. If they break down or stop working correctly, then they can't push condensation through your unit and out of your home. It will collect and leak into pools.

To get help finding the source of your leak and fixing it, contact an air conditioning repair company.