Why Springtime Is The Right Time To Work On Your Climate Control System

Springtime is a time of year when people cast away the winter gloom and the previous year's worries in favor of a fresh new start. As you undergo your spring cleaning ritual, make sure that ritual includes checking your climate control system. Here are some compelling reasons to get your HVAC components and ducts inspected during the spring months.

Pest Proliferation

Mice, rats and other vermin emerge from their hiding places every spring, looking for food and a new home after the discomfort and deprivation of the winter months. An HVAC duct system makes a comfortable nesting place for these pests (who are capable of chewing right through the ducts), especially if you're still running your heater on those nippy mornings. These same pests can also chew into the wiring that relays instructions and power to your HVAC components, both indoors and out. When the warmer weather finally causes you to engage the AC, you may be in for a frustrating surprise.

This is a great reason to schedule a spring inspection from your air conditioning and heating service. HVAC technicians are often the first ones to discover hidden pest problems by noticing nests, holes in ductwork, or wires with chewed-up insulation. Of course you'll have to call in a pest control service to deal with that particular problem. But once you know the pests are gone and their access points are closed off, you can have the necessary repairs made without worrying about recurrences.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Springs rains produce a welcome yield of green grass, healthy shrubs, and new leaves to signal the arrival of a new growing season. But in the midst of all this positive renewal, another, less welcome guest is flourishing. Mold and mildew thrive in the damp conditions provided by the spring thaw. Mold spores caught on the wind can easily migrate from your yard into your home -- and through the ventilation ducts of your HVAC system. Inhalation of mold spores can cause everything from allergic reactions to serious lung infections, so this is one seasonal visitor you don't want staying with you.

Have your air conditioning and heating service check your ducts for mold growth, condensation and water leaks. If you've been running your heater all winter, the resulting dry air may have inspired you to attach a whole-house humidifier to your HVAC setup. Unfortunately, these units often produce mold along with that moist air. As things warm up and you switch from the heater to the AC, the air conditioning coil can collect water and mold. Your heating system repair tech can advise on whether you need duct cleaning or other mold remediation services. While that's going on, seal any gaps around your windows and doors, since these gaps not only wreck your energy efficiency but also allow mold spores to waft in.

Avoiding the Summer Rush

Spring is inevitably followed by summer, and in many parts of the U.S., summer means high temperatures and hard-working air conditioners. If you're planning on scheduling an HVAC inspection and any necessary repairs at the beginning of the summer, you may be addressing the issue too late. Once summer hits and the mercury rises, HVAC contractors typically find themselves in great demand, making it difficult to obtain seasonal maintenance as a last-minute request. By delaying a much-needed maintenance inspection, you could find yourself sweltering your way through an HVAC failure during those "dog days."

Fortunately, it's simple enough to prevent this nightmarish scenario -- just schedule your big maintenance inspection in the spring instead of waiting for summer. You shouldn't have any trouble getting prompt attention from your air conditioning and heating repair tech at this time of year, and the fixes performed will see you through the hot months to come with flying colors. An ounce of springtime prevention is worth a pound of summertime sweat.

As you can see, it makes good sense to include HVAC maintenance in your springtime renewal plans. A little preventative care and forethought at this time of year can make the rest of your year that much more comfortable!

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