Why It Is Better To Have Central Air Conditioning Instead Of Window Units

If you live in a region that gets very warm during the summer, you will want to consider hiring an HVAC company to install a central air conditioner instead of relying on window air conditioning units. Even if you have used the window units for a long time, you will want to take a few moments to review why central air may be your best option: It Can Cost You Less Money Each Month Read More 

How To Relight A Boiler Pilot

Occasionally, you may experience the pilot light, or the small blue flame, going out on your gas boiler. Sometimes, the pilot gets blown out by an unexpected breeze. A boiler can have one of two kinds of pilots; a manual or electric ignition pilot that has a safety label. It is simple to relight the boiler pilot by following these tips: Do Safety Checks Before you attempt to relight the pilot, smell for gas. Read More 

Three Major Problems With AC Condensate Drain

Your air conditioning (AC) system should always be able to get rid of the water it draws in from the air. This is the function of the condensate drain line and its related parts. Your AC will suffer water-related damages if something happens to this part of the system. Here are three examples of drainage issues that may plague your AC: Mold Growth Mold growth may not seem like a drainage problem, but it is. Read More 

3 Common Issues That May Be Plaguing Your New Home’s Air Conditioner

Have you recently purchased a new house? Have you discovered that the air conditioner doesn't exactly work as you expected? Although it's possible that your system may need to be replaced or may need serious repairs, it's also possible that the trouble lies with something that can be remedied relatively easily by you. Before you call in a repair technician, check out these things in order to determine if they are the cause of your current lack of cooling: Read More 

What’s That Smell? How To Diagnose AC Problems with Your Nose

You might not know this, but you can learn a lot about your air conditioner from the odors it emits. For instance, if you're smelling dirt in the air, you need to change the air filter. Odor detection can also be used to identify other problems with your air conditioner. You just need to know what odors you're trying to detect, and what each odor means. To help you keep on top of air conditioner issues, here are three odors you should keep your nose alerted to. Read More