3 Tips For Improving AC Efficiency

More and more people are installing central AC in their homes because of its effectiveness. However, when poorly maintained, an AC system can become inefficient. If you want to know more, check out these three tips for improving AC efficiency. 1. Perform Regular Maintenance Regular maintenance should be performed about once a year. Many people chose to have it serviced by a professional just before the summer and just after the summer. Read More 

3 Decisions To Make When You Need A New Air Conditioner Installed

A central air conditioner provides a lot of cooling comfort over the years, but it may eventually give out and need to be replaced. Getting a new air conditioner is a big step since the process can be confusing with all the different options you have. Here are three things to think about when it's time for air conditioning installation. 1. Do You Want The Same Type? If you have a central air conditioner now, you may want another one so you can use the air handler and ducts that are already in place. Read More 

4 Signs Your AC System Needs Some Repairs

Your air conditioning systems help to keep your home cool and comfortable. If you want to keep your home cool and comfortable, you need to be aware of the signs that your air conditioning system is in need of repair so you can call in a service technician to fix your unit before your unit gives up on you. System Is Running Louder Your AC system shouldn't make a tone of noise beyond the sound of moving air. Read More 

Is It Too Hot In Your House? Learn More About HVAC Services

Is your house too hot? The summer-time heatwave made the mercury rise outside—and inside of your home. Before you settle for sweaty days and sleepless nights, take a look at how to get the most out of your HVAC system in the summer. Schedule HVAC Service Did you skip your annual or pre-season AC service call? Even though it may seem like your home's central air conditioner works perfectly at the start of the summer, it could have unseen issues or need extra care before it kicks into high gear. Read More 

What You Should Do If Your Air Conditioner Is Constantly Turning On And Off

Your air conditioner keeps you cool all summer long — until it stops working. If your air conditioner is over-cycling, it isn't working properly and will end up costing you more money on your energy bills each month. When your air conditioner over-cycles, it turns on and off over and over again, meaning your home isn't getting as cool as it should be. This over-cycling can get annoying to hear multiple times a day. Read More