How Will An HVAC Contractor Fix Your Noisy Air Conditioner?

A noisy air conditioner can be a real nuisance. It can keep you awake all night when all you wanted was to stay cool! If your AC is making a lot of noise, you should call an HVAC contractor and arrange for them to fix it. There are a few different repairs they might make, depending on the exact nature of what's ailing your AC unit. Tightening Loose Bolts Your air conditioner has a lot of moving parts and pieces, and many of them are held together by bolts. Read More 

3 Ways Your Air Conditioner Can Be Damaged By A Power Surge And AC Repairs That Might Be Needed

If your air conditioner is hit by a power surge during a storm, some of the electrical parts may be damaged. This could result in your AC not turning on at all or turning on but not cooling your home very well. If your AC isn't working right after a storm, it's a good idea to call an AC repair service and have your equipment checked. Here are a few things that could go wrong and the AC repairs that could be needed. Read More 

3 Maintenance Issues That Can Cause Furnace Error Codes

Any relatively modern furnace will include an electronic control board that manages numerous aspects of the furnace's operation. This board runs through the startup sequence for the furnace, checking each safety switch in order and ensuring your system is running correctly and safely. As an added benefit, these boards can typically display error codes to help troubleshoot many problems. While furnace error codes are often a sign of an underlying parts failure, they're sometimes the result of poor maintenance. Read More 

Signs The Air Conditioner’s Capacitor Is Faulty

The AC has a motor that initiates the fan's movement after you turn it on. That said, note that the motor can only function when the capacitor is in good condition. This is because the capacitor's role is to charge and ignite the motor to begin cooling the home. As such, the unit will blow conditioned air into the living space, improving your comfort during the warm season. However, the air conditioner will malfunction when the capacitor has an issue. Read More 

Common Questions Homeowners Have Before Their First Furnace Replacement

Most people only have their furnaces replaced a couple of times in their lives. So, it's not unusual to have some questions and quandaries when you find you need a new furnace. Browsing various ads and pamphlets from furnace companies may leave you with more questions than answers! It's good to understand what's happening so you can make smart choices during your furnace replacement. So, take a look at some common questions that people in your shoes often have. Read More