Tips To Help Minimize The Number Of AC Repairs You May Need

While you cannot prevent your air conditioning unit from ever needing a repair, there are steps that you can take to minimize the number of repairs you may need and the severity of the repairs you may need. Learning how to minimize the number of AC repairs you may need can also help to decrease the chances of your unit failing to work in the middle of summer, reduce the amount you may spend on repairs, and extend the lifespan of your unit. Read More 

4 Common Reasons Why The Condenser Of Your Air Conditioning Unit Has Stopped Working

The condenser is a crucial component that without it, your AC unit will not produce the cold air needed to keep your house cool in the summer. Typically, the component functions by transferring heat from the refrigerant to the outdoors.  Once the evaporated refrigerant reaches the condenser unit, it starts cooling down and reaches saturation, releasing all the heat, and then the coolant turns back into liquid. After this, the refrigerant gets transported back into the AC housing, and the cycle repeats itself. Read More 

3 Problems An HVAC Contractor Might Find When Your Furnace Won’t Warm Your House Well Enough

If your house is too chilly even though your furnace is running, you should check your thermostat and filter right away. A simple thing like changing the furnace filter could solve your problem. Also, make sure the thermostat is set on auto rather than the ON setting so your furnace doesn't run between heating cycles and blow out lukewarm air. If the filter and thermostat aren't the cause of your furnace malfunction, call in an HVAC contractor. Read More 

Good HVAC Systems For Different Climates

The type of HVAC system you choose to have installed in your home may depend on where you live. Different types of systems can do great in different climates. As such, you should consider the climate and how different types of systems will do in it before you make your choice. This article will provide you with information on some good heating and/or cooling systems to use depending on where you live. Read More 

Why You Should Work With An HVAC Contractor

Working with an HVAC contractor is absolutely necessary when installing, upgrading, or repairing your heating and cooling systems. Of course, you have the option of taking the DIY approach, but things may not work out as you expect.  On the other hand, hiring a licensed HVAC contractor comes with many perks. Besides, you can depend on the contractor to ensure your installations are done right. That said, compiled are a few reasons why working with an HVAC contractor is worth it. Read More