Keep Your Air Conditioner Running At Peak Efficiency

Your summer energy bills are heavily dictated by how well your air conditioner functions. Keeping it running at peak efficiency is a great way to save money without putting all that much effort. Here are several things you need to do to ensure that your air conditioner keeps working at its best. Do Your Regularly Scheduled Maintenance You would completely understand why your car broke down if you never changed the oil. Read More 

Maintaining Your Home And Heating And Cooling System To Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Spring is quickly approaching, so you may be feeling some anxiety over the dreaded seasonal allergies. The itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and fatigue associated with allergies can wreak havoc on your daily life, so your doctor may recommend various medications to reduce these symptoms. Unfortunately, you may experience drowsiness and fatigue while taking these medications. If you are part of the 50 million people suffering with nasal allergies, finding other ways to relieve your allergy symptoms is beneficial. Read More 

How To Delay Getting A New AC System And Stay Cool While You Wait

Central air conditioning is a great system to have in a home, as long as it is working well. If your system is old, it may not be working as well as it should be. This can happen for many reasons, but replacing a system can be expensive. If you would like to hold off for a couple more years, you may be able to with the right steps. Here are some tips that will help you get a couple more years out of your central air conditioning system. Read More 

2 Furnace Safety Tips For The Busy Mom

In between trips to the gym and your office, you might try to carve out time for home organization, crafting, and quality time with your children. To make better use of your time and space, you might find yourself unintentionally compromising your safety from time to time. After all, how dangerous could it really be to use hot glue to repair that living room chair? Unfortunately, your creativity could get you in trouble when it comes to working around large appliances like your home heater. Read More 

6 Tips For Efficiently Keeping Your Home Warm

Keeping your home warm and comfortable during the colder months is not always easy, especially if you live in an older home. There are small improvements you can make so your current heating system is more effective at heating your home. Adjust Air Vents Separately Remember, heat rises, which can give you a false sense of temperature inside your home when you have multiple floors. You may want to partially close air vents upstairs to prevent the upper levels from overheating, while the temperature downstairs may continue to feel cold. Read More